Green 4 Motor Mazda

Happy 20th Birthday Leamington

Our Leamington Spa dealership will be celebrating it's big 2-0 in January!

Green 4 Motor Company was started by Trevor Leggit at the Leamington showroom 20 years ago. Trevor still remains the CEO of the company, he has run the company with a family ethos from the beginning and will carry on to the future no matter where we expand to.

David Everitt, has been at Leamington since its start up in 1996. He started as a Salesman learning the ropes and has since grew a loyal customer base within Leamington, something he is now passing onto the rest of the team as Dealer Principle.

To celebrate our birthday we'll be having a birthday bash, where we will have food, drinks, exclusive offers and competitions and a little insight into how far we've come over the years with, of course, a birthday cake! If you'd like to keep updated with our upcoming party or would like an invitation enquire on our group website and quote ''Leamington Birthday"

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Also keep following us on our website and social media for post-party pictures!

Happy birthday Leamington Mazda - here's to many more successful years...